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Oz Cruiser Caravans Pty Ltd

70 Rushwood Drive

Craigieburn, VIC 3064

P: 03 92190989

F: 03 92190982



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1. Are Oz Cruiser Caravans Australian made?

Yes, all our caravan models are 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

2. Do I need caravan insurance?

It's up to you. Caravan insurance is not required by law, but is highly recommended. Your car or home insurance will not likely cover your caravan in the event of an accident or if it were to be stolen. We would recommend you protect your van as you would your other assets.

3. Does my new caravan come with a Warranty on the van and appliances?

Yes, all our caravan models come with a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty and on all appliances according to the individual manufacturers warranty.

4. How long have you been in business?

Oz Cruiser Caravans have been proudly manufacturing caravans since ---. 

5. How often should I service my caravan?

In order to protect your investment and to maintain the warranty policy, you must have your caravan serviced annually. After the first year, we strongly recommend that you service your caravan every 6 months and continue to have your van professionally serviced even after the warranty has expired.

6. What size van can my vehicle tow?

Your vehicle will have an identification plate on the tow bar that will tell you the maximum towing weight your vehicle is capable of towing. The information you need to know is the maximum braked towing capacity and the maximum tow ball weight. This information will determine what size van your vehicle can safely tow.

7. Where can I find spare parts?

The network of Oz Cruiser dealers will be able to source most parts you require for your new caravan. Or contact us direct for any parts or advice you may need.